Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Writing Blogs

Christmas is over; the new year has begun. I am typing this on my old PC (not the new, hand-me-down Mac), and I still don’t have an office to work in. (The builder will be here next week!) But it is time to get back to writing more regularly. This fall I have produced so little that I have been ashamed to call myself a writer.

Some of you have shared with me from time to time your own desires to write. Two new blogs about the craft have just started up. Between the Lines was launched this week by my agent and her colleagues at the Books and Such Agency. The plan is to introduce a new topic each week. Feedback and interaction is encouraged so tune in prepared to learn. The Newsflash column on the right scrolls through “juicy tidbits” from the world of publishing. Between the Lines is part of the agency website which is full of information like a list of recommended reading for potential authors, a page on how to find the right agent, and submission guidelines for this agency. I hope you will find it useful.

Seven Christian fiction authors connected with Books and Such have also started a blog. Novel Matters seeks “to engage and explore irresistible fiction – specifically fiction written from a Christian perspective.” They define that as “a perspective that explores the dignity, humanity and mystery of the human experience in light of God’s character.” This week Bonnie Grove, author Talking to the Dead (Cook, June 2009) shares about herself and her ideas about Christian fiction. Promotions and resources are promised for the future.

The internet has given us a huge body of resources, so if you want to become a writer, either for money or for ministry, there are lots of ways to develop your skills.
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